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Resource Charles Harvey: Business Broker, Intermediary

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Contact: Charles Harvey at 512-310-2966 - Log In To Message/Email This Contact

As a leading M&A Advisor, I help business owners dreams come true by guiding entrepreneurs through the process of selling their businesses. After leading more than a dozen buy and sell side acquisitions on three continents, along with numerous IPOs and private debt and equity placements with Institutional Investors, VCs, PEs, Angels and Strategic Partners, I acquired the International Business Exchange. My extensive global experience includes leading four different worldwide teams as well as an in-country role as the CFO of Pizza Hut Mexico.

I am a transformational leader in the planning, implementation and tenacious execution of high growth strategies for a wide variety of companies. I have succeeded in small companies and Fortune 500 companies, in troubled operations and rapidly growing enterprises, in internet marketing, online publishers, alternative energy, professional services, software, Internet services, manufacturing and restaurant businesses.

I learned how to quickly assimilate business models at Cooper's Lybrand, forged my financial leadership at Pepsico, developed treasury skills at Schlotzsky's and JMJ Associates, solidified my financing, M&A and Ops skills at Pixel Magic Imaging and honed my metrics and merger integration acumen at Hoover's.

My experience, in a multitude of industries includes: organizational development, business metrics, planning/forecasting, business financing (Venture Capital, Private Equity, IPO, Debt, leasing, strategic partner), strategy development, mergers/acquisitions, accounting and controls, financial reporting, systems design and implementation, benefits, product management, software development, QA, manufacturing, customer service, facilities, HR, transfer pricing, risk management, Sarbanes Oxley, project management, turnaround management.

Key Words: business broker, intermediary, charles harvey
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