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Resource William Shipman, Business Broker

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Contact: William Shipman at 860-408-9177 - Log In To Message/Email This Contact

As a business professional and entrepreneur, I believe in the power of a good attitude, a well-planned strategy, and consistent execution. After I graduated Boston University with a Communications degree, I began my career in sales in Los Angeles, California. My first personal business venture was in the restaurant industry, a company I started, grew and successfully sold before I was 25 years old. Since then I have started and sold several businesses in multiple industries, including insurance and manufacturing. My experience working with, and for, Fortune 500 companies, brings a firm understanding of how different businesses operate, and the different cultures and dynamics involved in a variety of industries. I am an entrepreneur with several current interests, operating a retail store in Boston, Massachusetts, a small food product company, and my personal commercial real estate. I am Connecticut licensed insurance and real-estate broker, and as part of Deal Team, advise business owners on buying and selling small to middle market companies. I always say that the most appealing thing I do is learn as much as possible about other people, their businesses, and how they operate. Currently, I live with my wife and two teenage sons in the Farmington Valley of Connecticut. I am excited to take on new challenges where I can learn, leverage my experiences, enhance my skill set, and have the ability to help others reach their desired results and specific goals. I am a results-oriented person and enjoy what I do.

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