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Resource David Didion: Business Broker, Consultant - USA

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Contact: David Didion at 571-989-6375 - Log In To Message/Email This Contact

The American Gym Trader Difference:

We pride ourselves on being there for gym owners, because we used to be in their shoes! Our team spent more than two decades in the fitness industry, owning a gym just like you do.

What we will do for you:

*Professionally prepare your business for sale

*Help determine the value of your business

*Frame expectations

*Provide powerful marketing

*Find the best buyer

*Maintain complete confidentiality

 Our Nationwide Health Club Broker Services:

*Complimentary business valuation

*Business Broker sell-side representation

*Business Broker buy-side representation

*Fitness Franchise Resales


*Real Estate Sale or Sale/lease back

Thinking about Closing? We can sell your Membership Draft Dues.

 We sell Boutique Gyms to National Fitness Center Chains. Total Acquisitions Sold - Over $100 Million

Key Words: david didion, american gym trader, business broker, consulting, business valuation, gym, fitness, rockwall
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David Didion's Postings

For Sale Fitness Center, Gym In Rockwall County, Texas
Contact: David Didion at 571-989-6375, 571-989-6375 (Cell) - Log In To Message/Email This Contact
Profile: Very popular fitness center for sale. Gross sales revenue up over $200,000 from the previous year. Very easy to manage and a lot of fun. Sales are growing fast. 2018 Absentee Owner Benefit is $144,000. Owner operators could make more. Seller will entertain all reasonable offers.   Refreshed: 9/7/19. Posting #: 10249079
Financial Info: Asking Price: $425,000. Gross Income: $780,974. Cash Flow As Absentee Owner In 2018: $144,111. Gross sales revenue up over $200,000 from the previous year. 2016 Gross Sales: $554,552. 2017 Gross Sales: $565,207. 2018 Gross Sales: $780,974. Seller Financing 5% with a full price offer.
Key Words: gym, gyms, fitness, fitness center, health club, rockwall
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