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Resource John Byrne, Business Broker - Arizona, Florida

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Contact: John Byrne at 480-686-8062, 480-445-9053 (Cell) - Log In To Message/Email This Contact
Mr. Byrne has a unique blend of experience. He was a CPA in public accounting, providing accounting, assurance, and consulting services to business owners for 30 years. Early in his career, he planned, performed and supervised audit engagements for both private and public companies. He later developed expertise in business valuation services for tax compliance, succession planning, M&A transaction, and financial reporting. He also spent three years with a publicly traded healthcare company, assisting with due diligence on target acquisitions and determining purchase price allocations and intangible asset valuations.
John's background and experience provides him with the tools to quickly evaluate a company’s financial performance and offer recommendations to make a business more attractive to the potential buyer pool. As a CPA and business valuation expert, he has the expertise to assist business owners to position their company to maximize buyer interest and offers.
Mr. Byrne enjoys the role of an educator and his passions is helping business owners understand the value drivers of their business and when the time is right, to unlock the value and provide financial security and peace of mind through an exit, on their terms.
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