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Resource Ward Adams, Business Broker: Arizona

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Contact: Ward Adams at 602-881-6703, 602-881-6703 (Cell) - Log In To Message/Email This Contact

Havelock-Adams LLC actively works with a small, select group of clients. There is no "warehousing" of listings in a file or listing database. Each seller and buyer receive focused attention. The agency is responsible for assembling financial and marketing data for the subject business and dealing with sensitivities of buyer seller negotiations. Coupled with pre-sell/pre-buy consulting in which we match buyers to appropriate properties generally results in a positive transaction outcome. The firm advertises a listing to sale ratio 3.4 times the national average.

The sale of a property should be a well-planned event and not a last-minute crisis endeavor. Pre-planning strategies and a market valuation referred to as a Broker Price Opinion may be provided at no cost or obligation. When pre-planning is not practical, Havelock-Adams will always respond to the immediate need and mitigate many of the inherent shortcomings as buyer/seller relationships evolve.

Owner /Broker, Ward Adams, has dealer support marketing and business sales experience dating back to 1985. His partner, Connie Arcaro, is a former owner/operator of an internationally known, recreation business. The partners both have personal experience at starting, growing, and selling their businesses and commercial properties.

A pioneer in the use of online business for sale listing sites, the business brokerage career of Ward Adams started when he joined VR Business Brokers in the late ‘80s. His involvement in the industry was a natural extension of his previous marketing services and advertising agency experience. The experience provided the opportunity for exposure to a large variety of industry segments and retail dealer organizations.

This solid background and training transferred when Adams moved to Phoenix in 1998. After several years of working with different independent brokerage firms, Adams went on his own converting Havelock-Adams, LLC an established marketing agency to a licensed real estate brokerage firm in 2011.

Over the term of his experience, Ward and Havelock-Adams have dealt with a diverse cross-section of business types and situations. Over the past 20 years, the brokerage has participated in the acquisition and sale of small owner-operator retail stores to the sale and then resale of a multimillion-dollar petroleum and oil distributor including associated commercial property.

The philosophy that drives Havelock-Adams’ is directly related to being a good listener and a problem solver. The process goes beyond the concept of 3 years of tax returns and a bargain price. To be successful brokers must anticipate the issues presented before and during the due diligence process.

Adams also predicts the background, experience, and personality of the prospective buyer as it relates to the business offered. Regardless of indicated confidence, hidden or suppressed issues involving personal doubts and insecurities are presented.
Whether representing the seller, the buyer, or both the most valuable asset Havelock-Adams brings to the table is that of a sounding board and negotiator. A broker is in a position to present questions and stipulations without challenging or offending either party.

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Ward Adams' Postings

For Sale Golf Cart Service, Sales In Phoenix West Valley, AZ
Contact: Ward Adams at 602-881-6703 Cell, 602-881-6703 (Cell) - Log In To Message/Email This Contact
Profile: This golf cart servicing business was established at the turn of the century... the one 20 years ago. It is in the center of the Phoenix metro west valley's street-legal retirement communities. After all the economic ups and downs and strong competition, the business continues to thrive.   Refreshed: 11/15/19. Posting #: 10248994
Financial Info: The asking price is 2.3 times cash flow or $125,000. Projected sales for 2020 will be $318,000 with a cash flow (SDC) of $67,490. This is supported by financial records dating back to the year 2000. Gross Sales: $282,500. Annual Average Gross Over 20 Years: $209,869.
Key Words: golf cart, golfcart, phoenix, phoenix west valley, maricopa
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For Sale Sight Seeing, Guided Tour Service In Phoenix West Valley, Maricopa County, AZ
Contact: Ward Adams at 602-881-6703, 602-881-6703 (Cell) - Log In To Message/Email This Contact
Profile: Business more than doubled in 2019. If you enjoy people and like to visit interesting events and places, this tour guide business is the ticket! Started as a way just to keep busy, this business has outgrown the original intentions of the seller. Home Based. Seller will stay on as tour guide.   Refreshed: 11/15/19. Posting #: 10248995
Financial Info: In 3 short years, this business grew from $25,661 in booking revenue to exceed $282,920 this year. Discretionary cash flow this year has exceeded 2018 gross. The seller has tapped into venues other than the commonplace Grand Canyon etc. Cash flow equals 64% to 75% of Gross revenue.
Key Words: guided tours, tour guide, sight seeing, tour, tours, phoenix, phoenix west valley, maricopa, home based
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