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Resource Willard Michlin, CPA: Due Diligence Services In California

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Contact: Willard Michlin at 805-428-2063 - Log In To Message/Email This Contact

Willard Michlin, CPA, #106752, CFE, Forensic Accountant, Due Diligence and Business Evaluator. CFE - Certified Fraud Examiner Forensic Accountant - One who prepares financial statements for use in a courtroom. Before you buy a business you need to have an expert make sure that you are getting what you think you are getting. You also need to know what the business you want to buy is really worth.

We will help you structure your offer, work out the true owners cash flow, and make sure you have all the necessary contingencies in your contract. We will help you determine the true worth of the business you wish to purchase. Serving all of California and the United States.

Because I wanted to prevent fraud in business sales, I spent years studying to become an expert in fraud discovery and prevention. There are so many issues to be looked at when buying a business, and no one person can be expected to know them all. It is interesting that no one would think about buying a house without a home inspection report and a termite report. Why would anyone buy a business without having the same care and inspections?

A business due diligence and financial review is like a home inspection. Everything is looked at and important items checked more closely. - Willard Michlin, CPA, CFE Our Mission Statement: Our goal is to make sure that all sale transactions between buyers and sellers are made with full knowledge and disclosure of all the facts concerning the economic conditions and the current financial situation of the business in question.

We offer assistance in the key areas involved in the buying of a business. Willard Michlin and his extremely experienced, honest and trustworthy experts know exactly what to look for, so that you get the honest story about a business’s profit and market value.

When you have all the necessary and truthful data in your hands you can make a sound purchase decision. In today's economy it is more important than ever to know exactly what you're getting, when you decide to buy a business.

Willard Michlin, CPA, CFE direct on his cell phone at 805-428-2063 for more information and an appointment.

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Willard Michlin's Blogs & Articles

Contributor: Willard Michlin at 805-428-2063   Log In To Message/Email This Contributor
Profile: This monthly workshop is designed for business buyers, it covers: Learn how to choose an industry, Learn what industries promise you the highest probability of success. Learn how to develop a private list of possible prospects, plus much more. Presenter of this workshop: Willard Michlin, CPA, CFE.
Key Words: workshop, webinar, due diligence, consulting, willard, willard michlin, michlin, due-diligence
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Contributor: Willard Michlin at 805-428-2063   Log In To Message/Email This Contributor
Profile: Willard Michlin, CPA conducts this FREE live workshop in Seal Beach about the processes of buying & selling a business. It's also about what you need to know in order to do a proper due diligence when buying a business. Participants should RSVP by calling 805-428-2063 & the address to this workshop.
Key Words: workshop, seminar, due diligence, consulting, willard, willard michlin, michlin, due-diligence, cpa, accounting, accountants, diligence
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