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  Home > Search Results > For Sale: Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream Franchise

For Sale Cold Stone Creamery Ice Cream Franchise In West Los Angeles, California

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Contact: Bob Jhala at 951-818-8907, 951-818-8907 - Log In To Message/Email This Contact
Last Revised: 9/4/19. Posting #: 255407
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Absentee Run  Franchise  
Key Words: ice cream, cold stone, cold stone creamery, fast food, franchise, dessert, wla, los angeles, west los angeles, absentee
Financial Info: Price: $125,000. Down: Call. Adjusted Net: $48,417. Annual Revenues: $275,465. The store is 1,400 sq. ft. and total rent is only $3,500.
Profile: Very affordable Cold Stone Creamery location in nice community of West Los Angeles situated right across Cinema Theatre's and steadily profiting for almost absentee owners working approximately 10-15 hours a week. This is nice starter investment opportunity with very low investment requirement for someone either wants to be part time owners or have an additional income coming in year over year.

Current owners have owned since 2012 and are now relocating out of state is the reason they are selling. The store is 1,400 sq. ft. and total rent is only $3,500. Good store visibility from the street and owners have done excellent job to keep the store upgraded to the latest POS equipment. This fully corporate compliant store is performing very well and owners are quite satisfied. Owners are very organized and cooperative to provide good books and records to the potential buyer. However, due to their limited involvement they lack sufficient marketing efforts to capture outside sales or sell cakes and ice cream to cater or deliver to local community. A little more effort in getting the word out to local businesses, schools, hospitals, hotels can provide additional sales with the help of Ubereats, Door dash, Grub Hub, and various other means.

Cold Stone Creamery needs no introduction. It is the ultimate ice cream experience that is exceptional quality a customized mix of ice cream and goodies that takes you next level in enjoying the Ice Cream experience. It is very popular among teenagers but overall serve all age groups. Franchise brand have earned national recognition for selling Signature Ice Cream combinations, Sundaes, Pre-packs for take out, Cakes, Cupcakes, Cookie Sandwiches, Signature Pies, Drinks, Shakes, Smoothies, Frappes, Frozen Yogurt and more. By the way Cakes are very profitable product if you can manage to push more Cakes out the door with diligent marketing effort you will notice good size profits for you at the end of the year.

In short, Cold Stone franchise is the easiest of the business you can own and operate with fun and make a good living. This store offers steady revenues, profits, low rent, good lease terms, and lots of joy owning a business of your own.

It is an excellent value deal! Do not procrastinate. If you are interested, go ahead and text me your email address on my cell phone, and I will send you NDA form to fill out.

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