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For Sale Coffee Shop, Cafe In Sacramento Area, California

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Contact: Tricia Bernhardt at 916-482-7979 - Log In To Message/Email This Contact
Last Revised: 9/12/19. Posting #: 254008
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Absentee Run  Financing  Franchise  
Key Words: coffee, cafe, franchise, sacramento, absentee
Financial Info: Price: $175,000. Down: $125,000. Adjusted Net: $81,847. Annual Revenues: $905,330. Seller Financing is available for qualified buyers with $125K Cash down + $70K Note @ 6% = $1,644/month.
Profile: New Price. Now Asking $175K!

Here's your opportunity to own a Profitable Full Service Coffee Shop with great hours that caters to the early crowd for breakfasts and those looking for a good hearty lunch.

This franchise restaurant offers a classic American menu featuring breakfast favorites like pancakes, waffles, egg plates, and omelets, and the lunch menu features diner classics like burgers, patty melts, grilled sandwiches and fresh salads to name a few.

The franchise has a good reputation and very low royalties so this could make a great business for someone looking for the support a franchise offers and there are some options to customize the menu if desired. The franchise business works well in this location, but it is also offered with the option to purchase without the franchise license and could make a great cost-effective conversion to a new concept.

The restaurant is in a freestanding building in a busy shopping center with great visibility from a major roadway with 40K ADT.
The restaurant space is approx 3300 sq. ft. with seating for approx 128. Total Rent is $8,395/month.

The kitchen features a 20+ foot hood/ansul with 2 large grills, a 6-burner range, walk-in freezer, walk-in refrigerator, a second hood/ansul in the prep-area, and everything else you need for fast service.

The restaurant is open 7 Days a week for breakfast and lunch hours only, so you have evenings to yourself! The business is profitable as a mostly absentee run shop, but a more hands-on owner could increase profits by replacing the manager for some labor savings. There is a seasoned, reliable and long-term staff in place so it can continue with semi-absentee ownership. The current owner is pleased with the success of the business but is selling as part of his retirement plan.

The 2018 Sales were $905K and the Net was approximately $81K!

Seller Financing is available for qualified Buyers with $125K Cash down + $70K Note @ 6% = $1,644/month.

Interested? Please fill out our Confidentiality Agreement/NDA form to get started.
Once we receive your Confidentiality Agreement, we will send you information with the name, street address and other details.

This is a Confidential Listing so please Do Not Disturb the business. Tours are by appointment only.

We look forward to talking with you about this exciting opportunity.

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