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For Sale Bakery, Cafe In Northern Virginia

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Contact: Russell Logan at 703-786-8783, 703-786-8783 - Log In To Message/Email This Contact
Last Revised: 9/12/19. Posting #: 10249088
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Key Words: bakery, cafe, catering, pastry, pastries, cake, cakes, baked good, event catering, northern virginia
Financial Info: Asking Price: $725,000, includes recipes; brand name; social media presence and new website, furniture, fixtures, leasehold improvements and two vans. Gross Revenue: $2,041,263. EBITDA: $269,191. FF&E: $120,000. Rent: $17,756/month. SBA pre-approved. Newly negotiated 7-year lease, below market rate.
Profile: Profits up 200% in 2019! This bright and cheerful strip-mall located Pastry Shop and Café, is perfect for a quick bite and is a place where stay at home parents, commuters, and students might be coming and going. Families can enjoy Sunday brunch and order from the Belgian waffle and omelet menu. Or, parents can take a break while children hang out in the "kid's corner" with toys and supplies for artistic endeavors.

At its essence, this 30-year old community-centric business offers pastries, quality coffee, espresso, and cafe products at a competitive price to meet the demand of the middle to higher-income local market area residents and tourists.

The business owner and his wife are retiring and are offering this business asset sale for $725,000, includes recipes; brand name; social media presence and new website, furniture, fixtures, leasehold improvements; and, 2 vans (one newly purchased delivery van).

• Consistent profitability, loyal customer base
• 16 full-time employees plus an experienced General Manager in place
• Experienced, dedicated, high-performing staff in key roles
• Newly negotiated 7-year lease - below market rates
• Rolling out a new, upgraded website (videos, cake pictures) within a few weeks
• Great tasting food, strong local reputation and name recognition
• 26 years in a row "best of designation" in local magazines
• Won numerous local cook-offs
• Extensive press coverage
• Favorable online review ratings
• Convenient location with ample parking
• Catering master agreements in place with 6 event venues

An already thriving local economy is about to get better. Much better. The location of Amazon HQ2 is less than 5 miles to the shop and will produce significant growth in retail activity in the surrounding community. The pastry shop believes that it will directly benefit from new residents and related businesses driven by Amazon’s presence.

Unveiling plans for the first phase of construction of HQ2, Amazon says the campus will support local businesses and will create new public spaces for the area. Amazon expects to spend $2.5 billion dollars on the campus where 25,000 employees will work in the next 10 years.

There is not a closely located competitor that offers the breadth of pastries, cakes, and café items that this business offers. Within the same shopping center, there is a single in-store grocery bakery, and one donut shop. The next closest standalone bakery (one mile) specializes in whole grain breads and cookies. Panera is located five miles away but is located on the opposite side of the beltway and thus would not draw the same set of commuting customers.

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Contact: Cheryl Maloney at 415-309-2722 Cell   Log In To Message/Email This Contributor
Profile: Cheryl's a restaurant business broker, over 25 years in the bar and restaurant industry coupled with a J.D. Cheryl works tirelessly to create successful strategies and effective negotiations for those who wish to purchase a new or sell an existing bar, restaurant, cafe, or night club.
Key Words: cheryl maloney, vangaurd, restaurant, restaurants, cafe, bar, bars, cafe, fast food, deli, sandwich, italian, chinese, french, bakery, saloon, steakhouse, japanese, tavern, banquet, franchises, franchise, food, deli, sports bar, sports bars, pizza, salon, spa, lice removal, cryotherapy, nails, coffee, convenience, food truck, diner, alameda, san francisco, tuolumne, jamestown, berkeley hills, san jose, marin, gilroy, santa clara, contra costa, san mateo, pacifica, oakland, berkeley
Pro Intermediary  
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Contact: Peter Siegel, MBA at 925-701-8064 X313, 925-785-3118 (Cell)   Log In To Message/Email This Contributor
Profile: I founded BizBen and BizBenNetwork to make the process of buying and selling small to mid-sized businesses more efficiently. I currently head up the Facilitator team at BizBenNetwork where we assist BBN Members with connecting with others to facilitate a deal. Thanks for using BizBenNetwork!
Key Words: BizBen, BizBenNetwork, facilitator, advisor, consultant, peter siegel, siegel, bbn
Pro Advisor  
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Contact: Tony Calvacca at 866-449-6922, 516-319-2214 (Cell)   Log In To Message/Email This Contributor
Profile: Tony Calvacca is a Managing Partner and Principal of the NYBB Group and a Certified Business Intermediary (CBI) with the IBBA. Tony provides M&A and Business Brokerage services to business owners of privately held companies with annual revenues in the $5 million to $50 million range.
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Pro Intermediary  
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Contact: Shalonda Chappel at 951-808-3972, 951-808-3972 (Cell)   Log In To Message/Email This Contributor
Profile: Escrow services to brokers & agents, owner/sellers, & buyers. Established 43 years. Extraordinary service. Experienced with handling difficult transactions. One stop for all your escrow needs: Bulk sales, lien searches, UCC searches, liquor license transfers, publishing & recording services.
Key Words: shalonda chappel-pilgram, town country escrow, escrow, bulk sale, bulk sales, escrows, liquor license transfers, lien search, lien searches, los angeles, orange, riverside, san bernardino, san diego, imperial
Pro Advisor  
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