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I. Posting Information 

BizBenNetwork Members In Good Standing Can Post Unlimited Business For Sale & Business Wanted To Buy Postings

BizBenNetwork Members in good standing can add unlimited business for sale and business wanted to buy postings as long as they conform to all the Member Guidelines below. Postings stay active until Members make the posting “inactive” or they don’t edit the posting within a 3 month time period (see requirement below).

Posting Optimization & Moderation Process

Posting optimization and moderation after a posting is entered is typically completed within a couple hours of posting. Posting moderation is active everyday Monday through Sunday 8AM to 6PM PST. If you posting will appear after it has been moderated and checked against our posting policies on this page. Sometimes due to the amount of postings being entered by Members it may take more than 2 hours to appear on BizBenNetwork, Search Engines, and in Member Saved Searches online.

A Posting Will Go Inactive If Not Edited Within A 3 Month Time Period

Postings must be edited within every 3 months. We do this to keep all postings current and up to date for Members. In your Active Postings section in your My Account module on BizBenNetwork one of the fields when you edit your postings is “Inactive Date” - this is the date your posting will go inactive if you do not edit it before that date. If you forget to edit a posting and it goes inactive just go to your Inactive Postings section and activate the Posting you want to to “be live - active” again on BizBenNetwork.

Remember BizBenNetwork requires that only ESTABLISHED small to mid-sized businesses for sale and valid business wanted to buy postings are allowed to be posted by active Members of BizBenNetwork.

II. Restricted Postings & Industries

Restricted Postings - Do Not Post These Types Of Situations

- New Franchises (franchise resales are ok)
- Partnerships
- Investments
- Opportunities
- Illegal Businesses
- Lease Opportunities (or lease only)
- Commercial Real Estate
- Residential Real Estate
- Equipment Only
- Inventory Only

Restricted Industries & Business Types At This Time

- Cannabis Related
- New Websites, eCommerce ("opportunities")

III. Failing To Comply

Failing To Comply With Posting Policy & Member Account Inactivation

All postings that don't comply with our member posting policy will be deleted during the moderation / review / optimization process. Members who don’t follow the guidelines on this page will have their BizBenNetwork Account inactivated.

IV. Posting Guidelines

Guidelines For: Business For Sale & Business Wanted To Buy Postings

1. Don't enter the same posting more than once on BizBenNetwork - ever. No duplicate postings are allowed on BizBenNetwork. If you need to inactivate a Posting and then activate it sometime later (due to escrow, client mind change, etc.) that's fine.

2. Members can only place postings under their contact name, phone, and email (what is listed in the Member's Account area). Members can not place postings under other contact names, phone numbers or emails other that their own listed in their BizBenNetwork Account. Our posting moderators review these fields before postings go live - do not post listings for others - either Members or Non-Members.

3. Don't enter duplicate postings or share the same posting(s) with another Member on BizBenNetwork. If you have multiple agents in your office or with your organization (multiple offices, etc.) make sure all agents/intermediaries understand this posting policy that only one posting per listing on BizBenNetwork - no duplicates from multiple sources.

4. Don't change the type of business or location in an existing posting - either inactivate the existing posting and enter a new posting, but do not change an existing Posting to another type of business for sale (or wanted to buy). The reason for this is we optimize every new posting to do well in all search engines and on BizBenNetwork and if you change one of your postings to another type or area of business it nullifies all the optimization we have accomplished (and your high rankings on search engines will go away on that posting and confuse other Members who may be interested in your posting’s info or who have "Saved" your Posting for later viewing).

5. Check your spelling and grammar within your for sale and wanted to buy postings - if your text is spelled incorrectly or the grammar is off - your posting on BizBenNetwork will take longer to appear and your account may be suspended for multiple occurrences of misspellings and/or poor grammar. Members on BizBenNetwork tell us that bad grammar and spelling mistakes often make them think twice about contacting the broker, agent, owner/seller, or business buyer about their posting.

6. No website addresses, URL's, html, contact names/information, phone numbers, office or location addresses, email addresses in any posting text.

7. No self promotion or selling of one's services within any posting text.

8. Please inactivate any postings that are sold or off the market - do not leave them on as active, viable postings. You can always activate postings from the inactive section in your My Account area - should they come back on the market and you need to post them again on BizBenNetwork.

9. Use proper English - do not use all capital letters (CAPS) in your text. All capital letters in text are hard to read and users/viewers tell us they find it annoying (and unprofessional). Please English only, no other languages please when posting.

10. Do not put your contact info / name, phone number(s), or email in any text in the posting - Your contact name, phone, email info already appears in the posting in other places under the contact field, phone number fields, and Messaging/Email form.

11. Photo uploads with postings: Photos uploaded with business for sale postings need to be photos of the business being sold - indoor or outdoor shots of the business. Please do not enter broker or company logos, artwork, flyers, images from the internet, etc. Members (Buyers) want to see what the business for sale looks like - not artwork, flyers, stock photos, or logos.


All postings that don't comply with our member posting policy will be deleted during the moderation / review / optimization process.

Guidelines For: Messaging Other BizBenNetwork Members

When messaging other BizBenNetwork Members please follow the guidelines below.

1. In all messages please include any questions or comments you may have, your contact information - name, phone, email etc. (we have found the more information the better)

2. Do not use any profanity, hate speech, or language that BBN Members may find offensive.

3. Absolutely no SPAM or self promotion is allowed with messaging.

** Members who don’t follow the guidelines on this page will have their BizBenNetwork Membership & Account inactivated. 

Last Revised: 6/5/19

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