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Basic Membership - $19 / Month

  • For Business Buyers, Owners/Sellers, Brokers, Agents, Advisors And Consultants
  • Add Unlimited Postings - Business For Sale & Business Wanted To Buy
  • TruMatch Technology - Find Matches To Your Postings In Real Time
  • Receive Assistance From An Assigned BizBenNetwork Facilitator
  • Custom eAlerts & Notifications - Select The Content That You Want To Receive In Your Inbox (Follow Updates To Discussions & Blogs, Receive TruMatch Updates)
  • Easily Upload, Save & Share Non-Disclosure Agreements With Prospective Business Buyers
  • Save & Share Searches With Others - No URL Needed
  • BBN Feed - Enjoy A Personalized Steam Of Content (Postings, Blogs, Discussions) To Easily Access The Information That Interests You
  • Take & Save Private Notes On Postings, Blogs, Discussions & Resource Profiles
  • Share Postings, Blogs, Discussions & Resources With Others
  • Online Messaging/Email System To Communicate With Other BBN Members

Basic+ Membership - $149 / Month

Includes all Basic Membership benefits, plus:
  • For Brokers, Agents, Advisors And Consultants
  • Profile In BizBenNetwork Resource Directory: Featured In One Category, One State, Multiple Counties, And Receive 100 Characters For Custom Keyword Searches
  • Upgraded Optimization With Posting Moderation Process
  • Assigned A BizBenNetwork Senior Facilitator Manager With Direct Phone & Email Support

ProAdvisor, ProIntermediary - $289 / Month

Includes all Basic and Basic+ Membership benefits, plus:
  • For Brokers, Agents, Advisors And Consultants
  • Contribute Content - Discussions, Blogs/Articles, Audio/Interview Content, Events, Webinars, - Educational Content Featured In Search Results And On All Business For Sale & Business Wanted To Buy Postings Details Pages, In eAlerts (90,000+ Daily Emails), And In BizBenNetwork Social Media Rotation
  • Upgraded Resource Directory Positioning - Featured In One Category, Up To 2 States And An Additional 10 Counties, And Receive 300 Characters For Custom Keyword Searches
  • Resource Directory Profile Featured In eAlerts (90,000+ Emails Sent Daily!)
  • Icon Designation For Resource Directory Profile To Increase Visibility
  • Receive A Professionally Optimized & Designed Banner Advertisement (Desktop & Mobile)
  • Exclusive Access To Assigned BizBenNetwork Senior Facilitator Manager -
  • Includes: Direct Phone & Email Support, Assistance Setting Up Saved Searches & Initial Postings, And One-On-One Training To Maximize Use & Understanding Of BBN platform
  • Access To BizBenNetwork Custom Marketing Packages
* 3-Month Minimum “Handshake Agreement” To Utilize All Features With Membership

No Commitments

  • No Minimum Commitment For Basic Memberships
  • No Cancellation Fees - No Additional Penalty For Cancelling Any Membership
  • Change Or Upgrade Your Membership At Any Time
  • No Annual Contracts For Any Memberships

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