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Welcome To The BizBenNetwork Help Desk


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Thank you for utilizing BizBenNetwork to search for businesses for sale (find sellers), businesses wanted to buy (find buyers), resources & advisors to get your deal closed, blogs, articles, events, and discussion posts to further your efforts in buying or selling a small to mid-sized business in the US!

If you have questions regarding BizBenNetwork's site:

  • Functionality
  • Joining BBN - Membership
  • Optimizing Or Upgrading Postings
  • Optimizing Your Searches & Saving Them For Future Reference
  • Upgrading Your BBN Membership

.... please phone one of our knowlegable Facilitators at 925-701-8064.

Our office hours are Monday - Friday 8AM to 6PM Pacific Time.

Many questions can be answered by searching our FAQ's to the left.

If you're not a BizBenNetwork Member yet, please join us. Join BBN

We look forward to having you part of BizBen Network!

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