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  Home > Blog > What Will Your Small To Mid-Sized Business Sell For?

Blog Post What Will Your Small To Mid-Sized Business Sell For?

Contributor: Blair Sibley at 607-301-0967 - Log In To Message/Email This Contributor

Part 1:

The simple answer: A buyer will only pay what they can afford to pay. In making that determination, a buyer will look at the operational cash flow generated by the business. Once that number is confidently determined (always a challenge in loose accounting SMEs), a potential buyer first figures out what they will have to pay earn in order to maintain and/or increase the cost of their lifestyle. After that, because few buyers can write a check for the entire amount of the purchase, the debt service on the financing for the purchase must be covered. Last, a sophisticated buyer will provide for a return on the capital invested and fund a contingency.

Once this math is done, a buyer who can’t afford to pay for these items based on a certain purchase price, will either pay less or shift the risk to the seller via the terms of the deal. This is why when selling SME (small/mid-sized enterprise), you must put yourself in the other party’s shoes to think through this dynamic before setting your asking price.

This should bring home this point: Ensuring the accounting will show a strong Seller’s Discretionary Income is vital to obtaining the highest price for your SME. Taking cash out tax free hurts you in the long run as a buyer can’t confirm that income, hence a lower purchase price.


Part 2:

The quick answer is: Whatever the government says your business is worth. Why? Simply stated, most purchases of small/medium businesses are financed through loans guaranteed by the Small Business Administration. Generally speaking, the guidelines for banks extending SBA-guaranteed loans require the seller to pay 10% of the purchase price with the banks financing the balance of 90%. Obviously, banks don’t give away money; the financials of the business being bought must support the repayment of the loan.

Assuming the other underwriting requirements are able to be met, the math looks like this to a bank considering a loan for a business selling for $300,000. The business would need to be generating $134,570 of Seller’s Discretionary Earnings in order to qualify for the loan:

Purchase Price: $300,000 

Bank Closing Costs (5% of PP): $15,000 

LOC/Working Capital (5% of PP): $15,000 

Gross Purchase Price: $330,000

Buyer Equity (10% of GPP): $33,000 


SBA Borrowed Funds: $297,000 

Debt Service (10 year amortization @ 7.25%): $39,884/year

Return on Buyer Equity (15%): $4,950 

Compensation - Buyer: $60,000 

Growth Investment (5% of Revenue): $22,956 

Net Cash Flow: $6,780 

Seller’s Discretionary Earnings: $134,570 

As the SDE figures rises or falls, the amount available for financing likewise rises and falls. In this way, the SBA in large measure determines the selling price for a business.

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Contact: Blair Sibley at 607-301-0967   Log In To Message/Email This Contributor
Profile: Born and raised in Rochester, New York, Blair received his law degree in 1981 from Albany Law School. Over the course of the next four decades, Blair worked as a criminal prosecutor in Rochester, then for a large New York law firm in New York and Miami before starting his own solo legal practice.
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