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Blog Post Red Flags To Watch For When Examining Online Businesses For Sale

Contributor: Jordan Green at 925-701-8064 X314, 925-785-2282 (Cell) - Log In To Message/Email This Contributor

Buying an online business for sale is a great option for entrepreneurs who are interested in owning their own business and want to enjoy the luxury of working from home. If you find yourself in this situation, there are a few important things to understand as you begin your search for your new online business: even if you work from home, owning a business of any kind is still going to require a lot of hard work, finding success and earning the income that you desire takes time and persistence, and buying an online business opportunity is NOT the same as buying an existing online business for sale.

Finding an online, work-from-home business opportunity is easy, and it’s easy because anyone can attempt to sell their ideas and make promises to help those who are seeking a quick and easy path to earning a sizable income.

The internet is littered with online business opportunities that sound incredibly enticing to anyone who reads them, and all potential buyers of online businesses need to exercise extreme caution and look for certain language in these postings to avoid falling victim to online scammers.

First, beware of financial promises, claims and guarantees made by businesses for sale and business opportunities, alike. Unless you win the lottery, there are very few fast and easy ways earn a substantial amount of money, and buying a business is going to require more work, time, and resources to turn the kind of profit that many business opportunities promise from the start.

Next, the guarantee that you will earn fast money is then immediately tied to a vague promise that buying this online business opportunity will solve your life’s problems and lead to the fulfillment and life that you have always dreamed of.

And finally, after hearing that all of your problems will go away, you will be met with an ultimatum: “Act now or miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime!”

After reading about these “incredible” online opportunities, you will soon realize that the carefully tailored description of the business opportunity was only an attempt to appeal to your emotions and failed to provide you with any actual information about what the opportunity entails, how the business operates, what you’ll be doing, or how you’d actually make money.

For the opportunities that are a little more difficult to decipher, look for a point of contact or representative from the organization, as well as verifiable contact information. Additionally, conduct your due diligence and examine other online resources to determine the validity of the opportunity.

Given the likelihood of falling victim of an online business scam and the time and effort it takes to determine the validity of different online opportunities, those who are looking for legitimate and verifiable business opportunities should consider the alternative: buying an established online business for sale.

Remember, when a business or business opportunity sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

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Contact: Jordan Green at 925-701-8064 X314, 925-785-2282 (Cell)   Log In To Message/Email This Contributor
Profile: Before becoming a BBN Facilitator Manager, Jordan owned and operated JRG Communications, assisting business brokers, agents, and other transactional resources with their online marketing, social media strategy and implementation, digital content creation (blogs, webinars, podcasts).
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