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For over 25 years, Business Exchange Network, Inc./BizBen/BizBenNetwork has assisted business buyers, owner/sellers, brokers & agents, and advisors. Our goal at BizBenNetwork is to simplify the process of buying and selling existing small to mid-sized USA-based businesses by providing our members & users with easy-to-use online tools and resources to complete transactions in as little as 1-3 months. Our innovative online platform and dedicated team of online Facilitators make this goal achievable. We thrive on assisting motivated business buyers, serious owner/sellers, professional business brokers & agents, and knowledgeable advisors to connect and get deals done! Need assistance? Chat with one of our Online Facilitators today at 925-701-8064.

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Premium For Sale & Wanted To Buy Postings For Buyers Or Sellers

Wanted Baking, Commercial Kitchen In Marin County, California
Contact: Cheryl Maloney at 415-309-2722, 415-309-2722 (Cell)
Profile: In need of a baking kitchen - can be commercial as well. Minimum: 650 sq. ft. Maximum 1,500 sq. ft. It can have retail front space but not required. Must have hood for baking oven, walk in would be great also bakers fridge with tray shelves a huge plus.   Refreshed: 8/7/19. Posting #: 251389
Wanted Restaurant In San Francisco, California
Contact: Cheryl Maloney at 415-309-2722, 415-309-2722 (Cell)
Profile: Buyer seeks 1500-2800 square feet, type 41, type one hood, 49 minimum seating capacity but larger is ok, busy location, not tenderloin, Mission ok, 300k spending budget.   Refreshed: 8/7/19. Posting #: 250031
Wanted Adult Day Health Care Service In Rancho Cucamonga-Pasadena, CA
Contact: Ralph Santos at 818-731-7173, 818-731-7173 (Cell)
Profile: We are looking for a licensed Adult Day Health Care (ADHC) that is situated between Rancho Cucamonga (San Bernardino County) and Pasadena (Los Angeles County). The buyer has many years of experience in managing an ADHC which would be pivotal towards finding a center that would fit his needs.   Refreshed: 8/7/19. Posting #: 246816
Wanted Childcare Centers, Preschools In Various Counties In Texas
Contact: Rajbir Singh Bal at 650-868–2718, 650-868-2718 (Cell)
Profile: Texas Counties Wanted: Tarrant, Harris, Tarvis, Bexar. 7,000 to 10,000 SF of Building/Indoor Space. 5,500 to 8,000 SF of flat outdoor secured playground area. Lease space requirements: Adequate staff parking and drop-off and pick-up 5 to 10 year lease with two 5-year options.   Refreshed: 9/6/19. Posting #: 10248964
For Sale Specialty Trades Service In Gulf Shores, Alabama
Contact: William Bruce at 251-990-5934, 251-990-5934 (Cell)
Profile: Speciality service business with retail division on the Gulf Coast nets over $420,000 yearly. Based on 2018 year-end numbers, the firm had a record year with $2,335,562 in revenue and $420,544 in bottom line discretionary earnings. Full books and records, including tax returns, are available.   Refreshed: 9/16/19. Posting #: 10248977
For Sale Trucking Company In Portland, Multnomah County, OR
Contact: Susan Costa at 206-427-4780, 206-427-4780 (Cell)
Profile: This company is a well-established, profitable, reputable hauling and delivery business located in western Oregon. Assets included in the sale are 4 Peterbilt trucks and six trailers worth $380,000. The company also has a great client list that provides steady year-round repeat work.   Refreshed: 8/14/19. Posting #: 10248988
Contact: Anthony Citrolo at 631-390-9650, 631-390-9650 (Cell)
Profile: This nearly 60 year old heating and cooling company with a well-established, long term customer base is available for acquisition. Real estate included. Revenues from this HVAC company have grown significantly over the years, and the business is relocatable.   Refreshed: 8/24/19. Posting #: 10249041
Wanted Community Clinic In Downtown LA Area, CA
Contact: Ralph Santos at 818-731-7173, 818-731-7173 (Cell)
Profile: Buyers are looking for an established Community Clinic that has a good patient base with a preferably low overhead, specifically lease agreement. Since we are looking at the downtown Los Angeles area, we would very much want a space with parking and easy access.   Refreshed: 8/7/19. Posting #: 243677
For Sale Restaurant In San Francisco, Mission Bay, CA
Contact: Cheryl Maloney at 415-309-2722, 415-309-2722 (Cell)
Profile: Great Mission Bay corner location! Brand new state of the art buildout, Type one hood, open clay oven, plenty of indoor and outdoor seating, busy foot a traffic, plenty of parking, plus great lease terms and option! Turnkey operation with not a penny spared for furniture, fixtures, and equipment.   Refreshed: 8/7/19. Posting #: 253082
Contact: Blair Sibley at 607-301-0967, 607-301-0967 (Cell)
Profile: This company buys and sells vapor degreasers, ultrasonic & industrial parts cleaning equipment. From retrofitting vapor degreasers and chlorinated solvents to renting equipment (primary vapor degreasers), they help clients with their equipment needs. Equipment and inventory included.   Refreshed: 9/26/19. Posting #: 10249116

Popular Blog Posts, Events And Articles On BizBenNetwork

Contributor: Tim Cunha at 650-600-3751
Profile: Conceivably, you have found out about “dependable guidelines” and “typical ratios” and assume that your business will be worth around what an organization of similar size in your particular industry or field is valued at. Tim Cunha, JD, located in the San Francisco Bay Area, discusses this topic.
Contributor: Peter Siegel, MBA at 925-701-8064 X313
Profile: When selling your business, asking the right questions and gathering the proper information up front will allow you to carefully vet and qualify potential buyers while helping you understand their intention to buy your business, saving time and keeping your business's information confidential.
Contributor: Jordan Green at 925-701-8064 X314
Profile: Determining whether to include the value of a business's inventory in the selling price or add the inventory's value in addition to a business's selling price is an issue that occasionally comes up when negotiating the purchase agreement during a small business transaction.
Contributor: Cheryl Maloney at 415-309-2722 Cell
Profile: It's a very exciting day when your offer is accepted and the contract is ratified. However, that is just the beginning. When you get to the point of getting approval for the lease you should be prepared and know a few tips that may boost your chances of being approved.
Contributor: Blair Sibley at 607-301-0967
Profile: Blair Sibley, a business broker in New York, examines the current market conditions within the small business marketplace and provides insight on 7 different trends that may impact the impending sale of small to mid-sized businesses nationwide.
Contributor: John Byrne at 954-296-0566
Profile: To prepare your business for sale, business owner sellers need to think like a buyer to reduce risks. John Byrne, CPA, Valuation Expert, and Due Diligence Advisor, shares three factors business owners need to address in order to maximize their business’s value at exit.
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Trending Discussions Posts On BizBenNetwork

Profile: While there may be exceptions, I believe the best practice is to let the land owner know about your plans to sell the business - meaning a new tenant for him or her - before you begin marketing the company for sale. There are two schools of thought on this important question. BBN Members weigh in.
Profile: Recently a business owner asked me on the phone, "Why do you keep the sale of a business confidential? How do you keep the sale confidential - any good tips?" Multiple BBN Members weigh in on this topic and give some very good reasons why confidentiality is so important to both sellers and buyers.
Profile: I am often asked these questions by business buyers: “It seems as though brokers/agents have a tough time returning phone calls. Why do they make it so difficult to get information & return a call? What should I be doing so that they return my calls and emails?” BBN Members discuss this hot topic.
Profile: Every day, I speak to business brokers and business owner/sellers, and I hear some pretty amazing stories about potential buyers of small to mid-sized businesses. I tend to ask them what traits they listen for to see if a potential buyer is serious and what traits or buyer actions are deal killers.
Profile: BizBenNetwork Senior Facilitator Jordan Green with others share helpful tips for buyers to prepare for a business purchase in order to ensure a smooth and timely process. From preparation to effectively communicating their expectations with business brokers, these tips will assist all buyers.
Profile: I was discussing this topic with a potential restaurant buyer about the differences between a letter of intent and a business purchase agreement and discovered that it is common for buyers to ask about which documents they should submit when making an offer on a small business/restaurant.
Profile: Liquor stores, like all small businesses, have their own nuances of ownership. In this BBN discussion, we cover things potential owners/buyers of liquor stores should know and think about in order to find success during the due diligence process and ultimately when running a liquor store business.
Profile: What percentage of businesses for sale that are advertised and/or sold are pocket listings? What is the best way to find out about pocket listings? Are they advertised? Are they a big part of the businesses sold marketplace? In this Discussion on BBN multiple brokers, agents, BBN Members weigh in.
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Active Professional Resources & Advisors To Assist You

Contact: Charles Harvey at 512-310-2966
Profile: International Business Exchange is one of the oldest and most respected M&A Advisors in the U.S., helping owners and executives sell their businesses since 1979. Our team of six M&A professionals collectively have more than a century of corporate leadership at Fortune 500 & middle market companies.
Contact: Anthony Citrolo at 631-390-9650
Profile: Anthony is a CPA, Certified Merger & Acquisition Advisor (CMAA) and is the founder of The NYBB Group, LLC. (New York Business Brokerage (2003) and NYBB Commercial Real Estate, Inc.). Anthony has a history as an entrepreneur having owned and operated several companies over the past 40 years.
Contact: Patrick Lange at 352-440-4604
Profile: Patrick Lange and Business Modification Group specialize in the sale and acquisition of HVAC companies. Due to our specialization, we have the ability and systems to assist you in pricing, marketing, and taking through closing your heating, air, and refrigeration business.
Contact: Angela Graham at 256-503-2806
Profile: Angela Graham, of Madison, AL, is a second generation business broker at Alliant Capital Advisors of Brentwood, TN. Alliant offers owners free financial analysis and price evaluations, as well as confidential business-for-sale broker services, without any upfront fees.
Contact: Joe Ranieri at 714-292-5448
Profile: Having owned businesses for over 22 years, my interest turned to listing and selling businesses rather than owning them. I specialize in high volume restaurants, fast food independents & chains, bars, liquor stores, small manufacturers & service businesses in Orange and LA Counties in California.
Contact: Dana Cole at 520-404-1148
Profile: As an affiliate of Long Realty Company, Long Realty Business Brokerage is independently owned and operated by Dana Cole, CBB in Tucson, Arizona. Long Realty Company is the leading real estate company operating in southern Arizona and owned by HomeServices of America, a Berkshire Hathaway affiliate.
Contact: David Didion at 571-989-6375
Profile: We sell boutique gyms to national fitness center chains. The American Gym Trader Difference: We pride ourselves on being there for gym owners, because we used to be in their shoes! Our team spent more than two decades in the fitness industry, owning a gym just like you do.
Contact: Chuck Post at 619-227-5711
Profile: Laundry consulting, due diligence, buyer representation: We preview laundries for you and evaluate them. 28 years laundry industry experience: buying, selling, valuing, retooling, analyzing, consulting services for laundry buyers and entrepreneurs. Contact us today about our services.
Search For Professional Resources & Advisors  |  Want To Be Included? Phone A BBN Facilitator Today At 925-701-8064
Steve Erlinger: Laundry Broker, Consultant, Southern California
Jim Saxton - Liquor Licenses - SF Bay Area - 0219
Ralph Santos, Hospice, Health, CA. 0719
Chuck Post Laundry Consulting USA 0719

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