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For over 25 years, Business Exchange Network, Inc./BizBen/BizBenNetwork has assisted business buyers, owner/sellers, brokers & agents, and advisors. Our goal at BizBenNetwork is to simplify the process of buying and selling existing small to mid-sized USA-based businesses by providing our members & users with easy-to-use online tools and resources to complete transactions in as little as 1-3 months. Our innovative online platform and dedicated team of online Facilitators make this goal achievable. We thrive on assisting motivated business buyers, serious owner/sellers, professional business brokers & agents, and knowledgeable advisors to connect and get deals done! Need assistance? Chat with one of our Online Facilitators today at 925-701-8064.

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Premium For Sale & Wanted To Buy Postings For Buyers Or Sellers

Contact: Kyle Griffith at 631-390-9650, 631-339-0249 (Cell)
Profile: This is your chance to own a turnkey, high-performing specialty delivery business serving the medical industry in New York. The company serves as a conduit between medical suppliers and medical practices. It is well respected in the industry and known for dependable service.   Refreshed: 11/22/19. Posting #: 10248992
Wanted Community Clinic In Downtown LA Area, CA
Contact: Ralph Santos at 818-731-7173, 818-731-7173 (Cell)
Profile: Buyers are looking for an established Community Clinic that has a good patient base with a preferably low overhead, specifically lease agreement. Since we are looking at the downtown Los Angeles area, we would very much want a space with parking and easy access.   Refreshed: 8/7/19. Posting #: 243677
Wanted Restaurant In San Francisco, California
Contact: Cheryl Maloney at 415-309-2722, 415-309-2722 (Cell)
Profile: Buyer seeks 1500-2800 square feet, type 41, type one hood, 49 minimum seating capacity but larger is ok, busy location, not tenderloin, Mission ok, 300k spending budget.   Refreshed: 8/7/19. Posting #: 250031
For Sale Wholesale Distributor In San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Contact: Tim Cunha at 650-600-3751, 650-204-1802 (Cell)
Profile: Wholesale distributor—leading consumer brands, selling to professionals, retailers. Highly profitable, hundreds of long-term repeat buyers, easy to run; just 1owner operates entire business, no employees. State-of-the-art CRM + product & contact database on in-house server. SBA-Loan Pre-Approved.   Refreshed: 9/5/19. Posting #: 10248973
For Sale Franchise Restaurant In Fayetteville, Washington County, AR
Contact: Richard Roberts at 479-689-4455, 479-418-9272 (Cell)
Profile: Well-established restaurant franchise that opened in 1996 in a prime location. Newly remodeled with approximately 3,000 sq. ft., outdoor seating, and a warm and welcoming feel. Growing sales/profit. Famous for great sandwiches, soups, salads, and coffee.   Refreshed: 12/5/19. Posting #: 10249185
Wanted Baking, Commercial Kitchen In Marin County, California
Contact: Cheryl Maloney at 415-309-2722, 415-309-2722 (Cell)
Profile: In need of a baking kitchen - can be commercial as well. Minimum: 650 sq. ft. Maximum 1,500 sq. ft. It can have retail front space but not required. Must have hood for baking oven, walk in would be great also bakers fridge with tray shelves a huge plus.   Refreshed: 8/7/19. Posting #: 251389
Wanted Adult Day Health Care Service In Rancho Cucamonga-Pasadena, CA
Contact: Ralph Santos at 818-731-7173, 818-731-7173 (Cell)
Profile: We are looking for a licensed Adult Day Health Care (ADHC) that is situated between Rancho Cucamonga (San Bernardino County) and Pasadena (Los Angeles County). The buyer has many years of experience in managing an ADHC which would be pivotal towards finding a center that would fit his needs.   Refreshed: 8/7/19. Posting #: 246816
For Sale Electrical Generator Sales, Service In Southeastern United States
Contact: Angela Graham at 256-503-2806, 256-503-2806 (Cell)
Profile: Electrical & Gas Fitting, Generator Sales, Installation, and Service. Large customer footprint in several states. The firm has been established for decades and is experiencing explosive growth due to the current unpredictable weather patterns. Full staff of experienced and certified electricians.   Refreshed: 10/7/19. Posting #: 10249136
Wanted Gym, Fitness Center In Dallas, Collin Counties, TX
Contact: Jim Thomas at 800-929-2898, 214-629-7223 (Cell)
Profile: Seeking established fitness centers or gyms in the Dallas County area of Dallas, Texas. Buyer has a long track record of success in the fitness business. Willing to move quickly. Prefer an absentee run situation but will consider all. Ideal operation would be between 10,000 - 15,000 sq. ft.   Refreshed: 12/3/19. Posting #: 10249067
For Sale Fitness Center, Gym In Rockwall County, Texas
Contact: David Didion at 571-989-6375, 571-989-6375 (Cell)
Profile: Very popular fitness center for sale. Gross sales revenue up over $200,000 from the previous year. Very easy to manage and a lot of fun. Sales are growing fast. 2018 Absentee Owner Benefit is $144,000. Owner operators could make more. Seller will entertain all reasonable offers.   Refreshed: 9/7/19. Posting #: 10249079

Popular Blog Posts, Events And Articles On BizBenNetwork

Contributor: Peter Siegel, MBA at 925-701-8064 X313
Profile: Whether it’s a business owner/seller or a business broker representing a business owner who is selling, buyers of businesses must be diligent about asking the right questions and getting the right information up front before wasting their time or losing money in a potential futile transaction.
Contributor: Cheryl Maloney at 415-309-2722 Cell
Profile: It's a very exciting day when your offer is accepted and the contract is ratified. However, that is just the beginning. When you get to the point of getting approval for the lease you should be prepared and know a few tips that may boost your chances of being approved.
Contributor: Jordan Green at 925-701-8064 X314
Profile: A big reason that businesses never sell is because they are overpriced. BizBenNetwork Senior Facilitator Manager Jordan Green shares helpful tips with business owners to properly value their business and reviews costly mistakes to avoid in order to establish a fair asking price for a business.
Contributor: Joe Ranieri at 714-292-5448
Profile: For a new business broker or agent, nothing can be more exciting than getting a call off some marketing material from a potential owner/seller who is thinking about selling their small business. Business Broker Joe Ranieri gives sage advice to all business brokers regarding meeting preparation.
Contributor: Jordan Green at 925-701-8064 X314
Profile: The decision to sell your business is not always easy for business owners and is one that requires careful consideration. BizBenNetwork Senior Facilitator Manager Jordan Green breaks down the difficult decisions that business owners face to go out on top and avoid missing out on their final payday.
Contributor: Jordan Green at 925-701-8064 X314
Profile: BizBenNetwork Manager Jordan Green explains the importance of keeping the potential sale of a business confidential and provides business owners with helpful ways to successfully keep their business’s sale a secret, as well as the consequences for disclosing a business’s sale prematurely.
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Trending Discussions Posts On BizBenNetwork

Profile: Dealing with landlords in order to secure a new lease during the sale of a small business can be a complicated issue. While challenging, the failure to secure a new lease will effectively end a business transaction. Jordan Green & other BBN Members explore this issue for business buyers & sellers.
Profile: BizBenNetwork Senior Facilitator Jordan Green with others share helpful tips for buyers to prepare for a business purchase in order to ensure a smooth and timely process. From preparation to effectively communicating their expectations with business brokers, these tips will assist all buyers.
Profile: A business buyer asked: “I just made an offer to buy a business and would like to know what items I should get from the seller to initiate and complete due diligence of the business. Also, how much time should I allocate for successfully completing the due diligence process - 1 week? 4 weeks?”
Profile: How do you get an accurate valuation on an auto repair business? While advising several sellers and buyers of auto repair shops, several key factors seem to keep working in the value equation of the auto repair businesses being purchased or sold. BBN Manager Spencer Siegel leads this discussion.
Profile: Recently a business owner asked me on the phone, "Why do you keep the sale of a business confidential? How do you keep the sale confidential - any good tips?" Multiple BBN Members weigh in on this topic and give some very good reasons why confidentiality is so important to both sellers and buyers.
Profile: It's no secret that both small and large restaurant purchases are sometimes tricky to pull off & can be difficult to determine if a deal is a good one to move forward with. BizBenNetwork Members weigh in with critical investigative components & tips of buying a restaurant in the due diligence phase.
Profile: Liquor stores, like all small businesses, have their own nuances of ownership. In this BBN discussion, we cover things potential owners/buyers of liquor stores should know and think about in order to find success during the due diligence process and ultimately when running a liquor store business.
Profile: While there may be exceptions, I believe the best practice is to let the land owner know about your plans to sell the business - meaning a new tenant for him or her - before you begin marketing the company for sale. There are two schools of thought on this important question. BBN Members weigh in.
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Active Professional Resources & Advisors To Assist You

Contact: Patrick Lange at 352-440-4604
Profile: Patrick Lange and Business Modification Group specialize in the sale and acquisition of HVAC companies. Due to our specialization, we have the ability and systems to assist you in pricing, marketing, and taking through closing your heating, air, and refrigeration business.
Contact: Mike Schmitt at 320-251-1177
Profile: Mike has been extensively involved in the sale and leasing of commercial real estate and business brokerage since 1971. He combines over 45 years of local real estate experience with a national commercial real estate platform.
Contact: Kyle Griffith at 631-390-9650 X101
Profile: Kyle Griffith is a Managing Partner of the NYBB Group. He represents business owners seeking to sell or grow their business via acquisitions. Kyle is a Certified Business Intermediary focusing on the HVAC & Plumbing, Trucking & Delivery and Distribution industries.
Contact: Dana Cole at 520-404-1148
Profile: As an affiliate of Long Realty Company, Long Realty Business Brokerage is independently owned and operated by Dana Cole, CBB in Tucson, Arizona. Long Realty Company is the leading real estate company operating in southern Arizona and owned by HomeServices of America, a Berkshire Hathaway affiliate.
Contact: Daniel Herring at 850-424-7541
Profile: My mission is to conduct a thorough, well-planned, and well-executed transaction for both the seller and buyer, offering a confidential, professional approach to my clients and taking an M&A approach to main street transactions to ensure the optimal selling price and shortest time on the market.
Contact: Steve Zimmerman at 650-823-6174
Profile: Steve brings to his clients a wide-ranging business background with a focus on providing the highest level of customer satisfaction. Steve’s experience includes work in mergers and acquisitions, as well as small business brokerage, finance, business development and sales and account management.
Contact: William Bruce at 251-990-5934
Profile: William Bruce Business Sales & Acquisitions, LLC is a full service, national business brokerage and valuation firm for privately held businesses with special attention given to pricing, strategic marketing, successful negotiation and prompt closings, all while maintaining strict confidentiality.
Contact: Steve Erlinger at 949-500-5893 Cell
Profile: I specialize in the laundry industry (Broker/Consultant) in Southern California. I assist buyers navigate the many facets of finding, evaluating, and operating a laundry business. I also help current laundry owners find additional stores, sell, or evaluate an existing laundromat to purchase.
Search For Professional Resources & Advisors  |  Want To Be Included? Phone A BBN Facilitator Today At 925-701-8064
Tim Cunha JD, Business Broker, SF Bay Area 0719
Jim Saxton - Liquor Licenses - SF Bay Area - 0219
Ralph Santos, Hospice, Health, CA. 0719
Helen Yoo Escrow Los Angeles - 0219

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